Apple users have been warned about a new security risk, which the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) identified as high risk on 26 October. The security firm said both iPhone and iPad users could be affected. This vulnerability could allow attackers to remotely access devices, which could collect confidential user information. Needless to say, they can also demand huge sums of money in exchange for user’s confidential information

iPhone and iPad Warning:

CERT-In reported that iOS 16.1 and iPad OS versions earlier than 16 are affected by this vulnerability. The following Apple devices are most likely to cause problems:

– iPhone 8 and later

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– iPad Pro all models

– iPad Air 3rd generation and later generation

– iPad fifth generation and later generations

– iPad Mini fifth generation and later generations

iPhone and iPad Security Risks: Should We Be Worried?

The vulnerabilities in the phone or pad listed above also make it easy for a remote attacker to become a victim. Can trick the user into opening a specially crafted file or application. With successful implementation of these vulnerabilities, an attacker can access sensitive information, execute arbitrary code, change interface addresses entirely.

So, if so, how can users protect their devices from this risk?

Apple has already issued a software patch to fix the problem. Users can get this update by enabling Settings – Software Update – Automatic Update

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