Vietnam – 3

India – 0

#Ho Chi Minh City: It was a life-or-death match for India in the Hang Thin tri-nation football tournament on Tuesday. Sunil Chhetri had to win on Tuesday to become the champion of the competition. Because in the first match, Vietnam beat Singapore by four goals. India again drew against a weak Singapore. So the Stimach-Brigade has a tough fight ahead.

Sunil has to play pressing football to break it. India’s coach Igor said that after the first match, Vietnam got four days of rest. So the opponent will be much fresher than us. The host country had more possession of the ball from the start of the game.

Vietnam took the lead in the 11th minute. An Indian defender makes a mistake clearing the ball from a corner. Fan Van Duc scored on that chance or foot volley. India were unable to attack in the first half, but two chances came. Once Ashiq, another time Sunil’s head narrowly missed the target.

Sahal Abdul Samad got injured in the first half. Rahul KP-K was dropped instead. Three changes were made to the first team on the day. Udanat Singh missed a lot of passes. In fact, in the FIFA list, India is 104, Vietnam is 97. India conceded the second goal within five minutes of the start. Anwar misses the flight of the ball. Van Toan did not make a mistake in scoring.

Indian coach made three changes in 65 minutes. Rawson, Brandon and Liston are brought in. Sunil Chhetri was picked up. India scored the third goal in 70 minutes. Gwen van Kuyt scored goal number three. Then Gurpreet made a brilliant save. Otherwise India’s shame would have increased.

The outcome of this tournament will not give India any comfort ahead of the Asian Cup. These two teams last met in 2010. India won 3-1 with Sunil Chhetri’s hat-trick that day. After 12 years the result is just the opposite. Igor can clearly see Devar’s handwriting.

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