Netflix Phishing Scam: Currently the most popular OTT platform is Netflix. It has many subscribers all over the world. As a result, Netflix has become the main target of hackers. Hackers are sending fake emails to Netflix users. The email asks them to renew their subscription. Users’ credit card information is being stolen through this Netflix phishing scam.

There have been several such incidents in Singapore recently. About 5 people there were affected by the Netflix phishing scam and lost about $12,500. All users have already been warned by the Singapore Police against phishing mails from Netflix. Because by sending such mails in the name of Netflix, users’ credit card information is stolen and their bank money is stolen.

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According to Singapore police, hackers are sending mail to Netflix users. URL link is provided in that mail. Users are asked to subscribe to Netflix by clicking on that link. A user in Singapore clicks on that link and is taken to a phishing website. Where he is asked to provide credit card, debit card details and one time password to renew the subscription. After entering all the information of that user, the hackers steal his information and the money is lost from his bank. As a result, all users have already been warned by the police not to click on the link of such mail if they receive such a mail from Netflix.

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There are a few ways to avoid this type of phishing email. Let’s take a look at that way…

– URL links sent through mail and text messages should not be clicked.

– Such subscriptions should always be done using official websites and secure sources.

– Never share all your bank details and OTP with anyone.

– If your debit/credit card information is stolen, you should immediately contact the bank and block the card.

– Any such problem should call the police immediately.

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