Sun News Desk: Everyone knows about the global situation. Now if you turn the paper, turn on the television, do a Google search, you will see Bangladesh, you will see the condition of the whole world. It is said that the prices have increased, of course the prices have increased in our country. But we are a part of the world said Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi.

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On Tuesday (August 16), he said these things at the Rangpur District Art Academy Auditorium.

Tipu Munshi said, 90 percent of our edible oil including soybeans has to be imported. How much is the price in the whole world? Who will bring them to sell at a low price?

We have to think about these too. Suddenly, the price of the dollar increased. We are victims of the global situation. The Ukraine-Russia war is affecting us too.

The Minister of Commerce pointed to BNP and talk show discussants and said that if you open many television channels, you will see that Bangladesh has become Sri Lanka. They (BNP) repeatedly sing this tune when danger comes. But these are the legacy of those forces who did not want this country.

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He said, now is the time for each of us to be a little frugal in our family life. But the current crisis is not permanent. The way Sheikh Hasina is thinking and working, Bangladesh will turn around. It won’t take much time.

He also said that Sheikh Hasina is the legacy of Bangabandhu’s blood and ideals. He has presented Bangladesh as a role model to the world today by working tirelessly. If we look around today, we will see his success in every field. A burden has been placed on him, that is to fulfill Bangabandhu’s dream.

Sheikh Hasina has conceived her dream to implement the ideals of Bangabandhu. Due to which he has been working for 14-15 hours. Sheikh Hasina has come a long way in forming Bangabandhu’s dream of Bangladesh.

Tipu Munshi also said that today Bangladesh is appreciated in the world meeting. Bangladesh has been able to cope strongly with the Corona epidemic that has shaken the whole world. We are the fifth in the world among the countries that are ahead in fighting Corona.

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When the world has just started the process of making a corona vaccine, the Prime Minister has dared to buy the vaccine for 100 million dollars to protect the people of the country from the epidemic. By God’s grace, we got that vaccine, now we are healthy.

We gained independence by defeating Pakistan, the condition of Pakistan was good economically in 1971. But today Pakistan is far behind us. Now we are ahead of India in many ways. He also said that so much has been possible because of Sheikh Hasina.

Heroic freedom fighter Tipu Munshi recalled Bangabandhu’s various visits to Rangpur and said, We cannot forget Bangabandhu. Bangabandhu came to Rangpur. came to this section. Shanku spoke about Rangpur in the memory of Samajdar in his historic speech on March 7.

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Bangabandhu plowed not only Rangpur, but the whole country. Rushed to unite people in the freedom struggle. Even after independence, he ran to the people of Bengal. He worked tirelessly to realize his dream.

Finally, the defeated enemies of freedom thwarted his dream by killing Bangabandhu. If we embrace and nurture Bangabandhu’s dreams, ideals and spirit then the country will move forward.

On the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the golden jubilee of independence, the Rangpur City Corporation has published the publication entitled ‘Rangpure Bangabandhu’, a souvenir rich in history.

Mayor of Rangpur City Corporation Mostafizar Rahman Mostafa presided over the publication festival in Rangpur. Rangpur Divisional Commissioner Sabirul Islam, Rangpur Range DIG Mohammad Abdul Alim Mahmud, Rangpur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Nur Alam Meena, District Commissioner Asib Ahsan, District Superintendent of Police Ferdous Ali Chowdhury, Zilla Parishad Administrator Advocate Shafia Khanam, former Dist. Freedom Fighter Commander Mosaddek Hossain Bablu, District Awami League President Mumtaz Uddin Ahmed, Metropolitan General Secretary Tushar Kanti Mondal.

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Rangpur Bangabandhu Souvenir Publication Committee Chief Advisor and City Corporation Chief Executive Officer Ruhul Amin Mia, Committee Convenor and Ward No. 20 Councilor Touhidul Islam, Joint Convener and Panel Mayor Mahmudur Rahman Titu delivered the welcome speech.

At the end of the discussion session of the publication program, artists from various organizations performed mourning songs and poems in memory of Bangabandhu.

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