#Kolkata: Ever since Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and the CEO of Tesla Company, bought the social media platform Twitter, something or the other has been trending on social media. Recently, he tweeted about charging 8 dollars i.e. 660 rupees per month for Blue Tick. After this, a debate started between these social media users. Now the question arises, besides the monthly charge, will the mask give any other benefits to the blue tick holder users?

In fact, after the issue of monthly charges on Twitter for Blue Tick came to light, many opposed it. “I’m going to quit Twitter, but before I do, I’m going to tweet why I’m leaving,” said one user using the ID username @JacobsTroubles. A man named Rob Hood said again, “Why is that brother? Now the bird is free.” In response to all these complaints, however, Musk said, “All complainers please keep complaining. But it will only cost $8 per month.”

What benefits do users get for $8 a month?

1. Elon Musk said that those who buy a Blue Tick subscription for $8 per month will get additional benefits. They will get priority in reply and search. Apart from this, this blue tick will help keep spam and bot accounts away from user accounts.

2. Those who pay $8 a month will be able to post longer videos and audios. Not only that, paid Twitter users see half as many ads as those using free Twitter. This can prove to be a very good feature.

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3. Twitter users with blue ticks don’t have to pay for content from publishers working with the social media platform. This means that users who pay $8 per month will not have to pay for this content. And other users must pay to view or read such content.

4. Musk said the money will be used to incentivize content creators.

Musk also said that this revenue from users will be used to further incentivize Twitter’s content creators. And this way, users will get additional benefits of the amount charged for Blue Ticks on Twitter in four ways.

Explained in the video message:

Elon Musk also posted a video on this topic. In that video, he explains why he wants to charge $8 a month. The idea was completely stolen from the Monty-Python video, where insults and arguments are charged up, the caption wrote.

Musk has recently bought Twitter outright for $44 billion. Since then he has been bringing many changes. So far users can tweet and place blue ticks for free. However, it is believed that changes will be made soon.

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