#Kolkata: Actor Jeet’s reality show Smart Jodi has come to its final stage. This popular reality show will be aired for the last time on the TV screen on 31st July. On that day, Chander Hat is going to sit in one word in the grand finale. Superstar Dev and Rukmini Maitra on one side. Dancing diva Manami Ghosh will be there. Popular singer Shaan and his wife Radhika will also be seen as a pair. In the end, who stayed on the show?

1) Aneek Dhar and Devleena Dhar 2) Saurabh Saha and Sushmita Saha 3) Sudeep Mukhopadhyay and Pritha Chakraborty 4) Rupankar Bagchi and Chaitali Bagchi 5) Ankita Chakraborty and Thanhik Banerjee 6) Raja Goswami and Madhubani Goswami 7) Bharat Kall and Jayashree Mukhopadhyay 8 ) Rajiv Bose and Mohini

Throughout the journey they have developed a friendly relationship with each of them. The friendship grew so deep that they spent a good time meeting each other on weekends. Raja and Madhubani Goswami are among the popular stars of television. Madhubani recently shared her experience in a press conference.

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Madhubani said, “If I had not spent time with Jeet, I would never have understood that he is such a down-to-earth person.” The actress got emotional and reminisced about the entire episode. He also said, “Bharat Kaul was my guardian from the first day of the serial. I was 17 years old, I studied in 12th, then my first job. The director was Bharat Kaul. Today I am competing against him.”

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Incidentally, the couple shared various details of marriage and marriage while standing on the stage of this show. The duo has been very popular with the audience as they have acted on television for several years. Coming to the show, Madhubani also shared the tidbits of the marriage. They got married on the Smart Jodi stage, fans were excited to see Raja and Madhubani as newlyweds. Raja and Madhubani met while acting in the serial Love.com. Madhubani kept herself away from work after the birth of her son Keshav. After many days, the actress came in front of the camera in this reality show. Madhubani also proposed Raja again on the set of Smart Jodi. Besides raising her son, Madhubani is also managing her own beauty parlor.

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