Everyone knows who the current car is. And also know that the wheel is its main mover. But it happens that most of the car owners neglect the issue of tires. As if he is a group! The matter is not so negligent at all. Many people keep an eye on the various parts of the car every day, not paying attention to the tires.

But it should be remembered that the mileage and performance of the car depends on good tires. Tires are one of the most important parts of a car to keep it in good condition.

There are many cars on Indian roads with very bad tires. Unless the tire goes bad, many people don’t want to change it. But it is the most risky of all. Because if the tires of the car are bad, the chances of accidents are more. This requires constant monitoring and care of car tires. It is very easy to observe whether the car tires are bad or not. Let’s take a look at that easy way—

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Check the top of the tire-

For all types of tires, the top part is the first to deteriorate. The top of the tire gradually thins out. As a result, the quality of the tires deteriorates and can cause various problems on the road. This results in the brakes not being applied very easily and the vehicle can skid.

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A coin can be used to check if the top of the tire is in place. If the coin goes all the way into the tire groove, the tire is fine. But, if the coin doesn’t fit inside that tire, that tire needs to be replaced.

Check both sides of the tire.

Both sides of the tire should be checked thoroughly. Because that’s where most pores are created. At the same time, check whether the two sides of the tire are inflated. Because in this case, the tire may be damaged from the inside. This can cause the tire to burst at any time. If you see such symptoms, you need to change the tire immediately.

Unequal part test of tire –

Most of the time uneven parts are created in the tire. As a result, the wheels of the car keep moving. This requires taking care of the top and sides of the tire at all times.

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