#New Delhi: winter is falling For 2022, the regulator has approved 21,941 weekly flights from October 30, assuming the winter season. Earlier, a total of 3,134 daily flights were allowed for all airlines combined. The same number of flights were approved in India during the winter of 2019. After that everything stopped during the corona epidemic.

Airlines managed to operate 2,687 flights on the first day of the new rules. It was to be expected. It was thought that 3,134 aircraft could fly on the first day – not so. This is about 10 percent more than the 2022 summer authorized flight

However, each schedule features a combination of some interesting routes in India. Alliance Air, the country’s only government-run airline. They started a flight of only 58 km between Guwahati and Silchar. This is the shortest route in the country. The airline operates this flight three times a week. The longest route record, however, is held by Air India. Air India operates a non-stop flight from Delhi to Port Blair—about 2,282 km.

Shortest route in the country—

Till now the leading airline IndiGo was flying the shortest distance ATR route in the country. This flight operated three days a week between Silchar and Shillong. It took 40 minutes to cover the distance of 134 km. Flybig also operates its shortest route between Guwahati and Rupsi, a distance of just 167 km. SpiceJet is the only operator of the Q400 in India to fly the shortest route for turboprops — 230 km between Delhi and Jaipur. The airline’s Boeing aircraft cover a distance of 143 km between Jammu and Srinagar. It is also a fairly short route flight.

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All the Airbus operators, AirAsia India and GoFirst, operate very short-haul flights on the Delhi-Jaipur-Delhi and Jammu-Srinagar-Jammu routes respectively. A Tata Group airline, Vistara, also operates short flights on the Jammu-Srinagar-Jammu route. Also, the Air India flight between Kannur and Calicut is the shortest distance flight for the airline — just 95 km. It is also the shortest narrow-body flight in the country.

Newcomer Akasa Air’s Guwahati-Agartala route covers a distance of 248 km. It is the shortest route for the airline. Regional operator Star Air, meanwhile, is looking to induct an E175S into its fleet on the Bengaluru-Hubbali route.

India’s longest route—

Air India operates the longest route in the country from Delhi to Port Blair. IndiGo’s longest route is from Port Blair to Mumbai. It takes 3 hours and 25 minutes by air to cover this 2,279 km distance. IndiGo’s ATR fleet covers 732 km from Ahmedabad to Kolhapur in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Again, Flybig’s flight covers a distance of 652 km from Guwahati to Patna, the longest route for the airline.

The longest route for Alliance Air is from Kolkata to Lilabari. This flight takes 2 hours and 10 minutes and covers a distance of 766 km. SpiceJet operates the Q400 on the 1,456 km Bangalore-Gwalior route. It is the longest turboprop flight in the country.

Winter Route Revamp—

All Airbus operators like Air Asia India, Go First operate their longest routes Delhi-Kochi-Delhi and Delhi-Bengaluru-Delhi respectively. Vistara operates the Delhi-Trivandrum-Delhi route on the longest route of 2,232 km.

Aksa Air operates its longest route from Bangalore to Guwahati.

Airlines and their presence

According to the survey report, maximum number of weekly flights originate from Delhi, with a total of 3,214. It is followed by Mumbai, which has the highest number of flight departures at 3,214. This was followed by a total of 1,876 flights to Bengaluru and 1,194 to Hyderabad.

Chennai is the only airport from which more than 1000 domestic flights depart every week. The number there is 1003.

As the winter season progresses a little more, the flight rate is expected to increase in many more airports. These include Rourkela, Goa, Hollongi and some other airports.

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