#Abu Dhabi: The last Formula One race of the year has been held in Abu Dhabi There is practically a moon market Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh arrived to watch the race with his natural excitement A video of him entering the circuit has gone viral Not only was there excitement in his voice, but also splendor in his clothes And that caught the eye of the Formula One circuit journalist

A journalist was impressed by his outfit but did not recognize the actor at first. The conversation between the two has gone viral on social media. Former racing driver and journalist Martin Brandl sees Ranveer Singh but “momentarily forgets” the actor. Asked who he is, Ranveer Singh said, “I am a Bollywood actor and I am from Mumbai, India. I am an actor.”

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He got excited about how he felt when he got there Ranveer said, “On top of the world! I can feel the euphoria and the adrenaline in my body.”

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However, it is not possible to understand whether Martin Brandl praised Ranveer Singh’s outfit or poked it Questions also arise about his fashion sense But he also maintains his style

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