#Kolkata: One of the most favorable methods of savings is the recurring deposit. It is preferred by conservative investors, who want to invest money as per their choice every month and save money in a simple manner. It is an investment medium that offers regular deposits and good returns on investment.

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RD Savings account holders can save a portion of their income every month. If a person is a post office savings account holder, he can open an RD account online with the help of internet banking. If you don’t have net banking facility, apply at the nearest post office branch After getting internet banking details it has to be registered and activated.

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Procedure for opening Post Office Receipt Deposit Account online-

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) app needs to be installed on the mobile device to open a post office RD account online Online RD payment can also be done with the help of this app. Besides, one can apply for a recurring deposit account by visiting the nearest post office branch. For this a form has to be filled in the post office branch and submitted along with KYC document and deposit slip

Open RD account online through India Post Payments Bank app in this manner

– First official website of IPPB https://ebanking.indiapost.gov.in should be opened

– Then login with ID and password. -Then click on ‘Service Request’ by clicking on ‘General Service’ tab on homepage menu. -Then under the ‘Service Request’ section, click on the ‘New Request’ tab. -Then you will see multiple options, from that go to RD Accounts option and open RD account. -Then a new window will open, enter all the details asked here. -Then click on ‘Submit’ and go to the next page to verify the details well. -Finally set ‘Transaction Password’.

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