#Kolkata: Nowadays, it is difficult to find people who do not use mobile phones. Internet has become so cheap now that people spend hours on mobile phones. Because of that, people’s screen time has also increased.

The most important thing to run a mobile is the SIM card. Without SIM card your phone is just a box. So having a SIM card is mandatory to use the phone.

Have seen SIM cards of many companies so far. But have you ever noticed why the SIM card has a cut corner! Or what causes a corner of the SIM card to be cut? Learn about important factors.

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It is not only in India that SIM cards are cut. Similar SIM cards are sold all over the world. Nowadays there are many types of telecom companies all over the world. All those companies manufacture SIM cards in bulk. The SIM cards that were initially manufactured, did not have one side cut. A rectangular shape was given in the center.

In such a situation, many times it was difficult for people to understand which is the straight and reverse part of the sim. Some people used to insert the SIM upside down in the mobile phone because they could not recognize the straight and reverse sides of the SIM. If there was no network after that, it would have been a lot of trouble to remove the SIM again. Even the SIM chip gets damaged sometimes.

To solve this problem, telecom companies have decided to change the SIM size. Companies cut off one side of the SIM card when resizing. This makes it easy to insert and remove the SIM card in the mobile phone. Because the same size is kept in the SIM card slot of the mobile phone.

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Seeing the benefits, all telecom companies started selling new cut design SIM cards.

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