Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is in the headlines these days. She recently announced her pregnancy and fans have been curious about all aspects of her life ever since. Alia Bhatt’s movie “Darling” will release on OTT platforms on August 5. The actress is also slated to release several films. Alia is promoting “Darling”. In a recent interview, the actress candidly admitted the uncomfortable comments. Alia also noted that similar claims have been found in industry.

Alia Bhatt said in her interview that women face wrong things in the society and gender discrimination exists in many areas in the industry as well. After hearing the comments, the actress said she was not aware of the sexism. The actress said she was upset when a woman asked her to hide her underwear.

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Alia Bhatt says she often faces unwanted comments about herself but avoids them. Moreover, the actress said, “I know about this issue because I think about it a lot. I think this is a sexist comment. Sometimes my friends say that I am too aggressive. I’m very sensitive.”

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Alia says, “People used to tell me not to be too sensitive. Are you having your period? Then I say I am not sensitive and nothing more. You were also born because women menstruate. Alia says that I get really annoyed when people say, “Your underwear can’t be worn in bed in public or you should hide it. It didn’t happen to me anyway, but a lot of women have a lot of other things to hide.”

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