#Kolkata: He canceled all his events due to his wife’s illness. Sourav Ganguly congratulated his fans and well-wishers on Twitter. Shubho Vijaya’s messages and pictures spread good wishes.

Donna Gangopadhyay, wife of Sourav Gangopadhyay, was admitted to a private hospital in Kolkata due to Chikungunya. According to hospital sources, Donna had to be given saline last night. He couldn’t eat dinner and vomited. Donardengue report negative, platelet count more than 2 lakh.

Sourav-wife Donna Gangopadhyay was feeling sick for several days. Fever also occurs on the night of Navami. Along with the fever, there was a rash on the body and a little pain in the body and hands. Seeing the symptoms, it was first thought that Donna might have fallen under the grip of dengue which is rampant in the city. However, nothing was detected in the dengue report. Finally, after the blood test report came, it was understood that he was infected with mosquito-borne chikungunya.

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Maharaj was in the city for the puja. Like every year, Sourav was seen at several puja mandaps in the city. Lord’s balcony was built in the area adjacent to a puja in Garia. Maharaj waved the tricolor from that fake balcony making everyone feel nostalgic. Mahatarka was also seen present at a puja mandap along with the recently retired Jhulan Goswami.

Besides, he plays Dhak in Ballyganj Cultural on Ashtami day. Sports Minister Arup Biswas was also present. On Monday Ashtami day, Saurabh performed Anjali in yellow Punjabi along with his grandfather Snehashis Gangopadhyay in the puja of his neighborhood Barisha Players Corner. Before that he inaugurated this puja himself. The highlight of the Barisha Players’ Corner this year was a gallery of Sourav’s sports equipment. But even though the Puja days were good, the worry increased on the tenth day. But according to doctors, Saurabh Jaya will recover very soon.

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