Sun News Desk: Popular Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma wrote in a post on Instagram, ‘You (Virat Kohli) are beautiful! you are amazingly beautiful Tonight you made people happy; That too in the evening before Diwali.’

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The actress said, ‘You are amazing. Your tenacity, faith shakes people’s hearts. I saw the best match of my life tonight. Although our daughter is small. He doesn’t know why his mother danced like crazy, screamed like a wild animal in the room. One day he will realize that his father played the best innings that night; Which was very difficult.’

Anushka said, ‘I am proud of you. Your energy is contagious. you are my love love you.’

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Earlier, India snatched the victory against Pakistan after the drama. Chasing Pakistan’s 159 runs, Rohit Bahini won with the last ball. And that is possible with Virat Kohli’s bravery. He came down to bat one down and finally batted with a cool head. This hero is unbeaten on 82 runs off 53 balls with 6 fours and 4 sixes.

Virat Kohli’s wife actress Anushka Sharma is very excited about India’s victory. He watched the match sitting at home with his daughter. This actress is impressed with the performance of her beloved man. Anushka said that she danced like crazy with joy.

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