Tech Tips: Scheduling text messages is a very important feature nowadays. This feature is very useful for those who want to send messages to each other without disturbing anyone. Text messages can be scheduled using the Google Messages app. Through this feature it is possible to set the time according to one’s needs by typing the message. As a result, the time can be set according to the convenience of the person to whom the message is being sent.

It is possible to choose a specific time by writing a message in advance through this feature using the Google Messages app. In this case, which phone the customer is using is also important. Why not, download the Google Messages app on your phone and set it as default. This feature can only be used after this.

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Let’s take a look at how to schedule text messages…

  • – For this, first of all, you need to open the Google Message app on your phone.
  • – Then select the user to whom the message will be sent.
  • – Then you have to type your message.
  • – Don’t forget to click the send button after that. At this time remember that the send button should be long pressed for a long time.
  • – Then three time options will be shown as by default app.
  • – Then choose any time according to your choice from those three time options. Then select the Select Date and Time option.
  • – Then choose the time and date according to your choice.
  • – Then click on save button.

In this case, the message can be deleted or modified as needed. In this case, it should be remembered that if the message is to be sent immediately, it should be scheduled in advance. If you don’t want to send that message immediately, you have to choose the time and time as per your need. Keep in mind the exact time zone of the person to whom the message is being sent. That is, when the person who is sending the message will receive the message. Text messages should be scheduled according to that time. For those who live abroad, this time zone calculation should never be forgotten.

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