Sun News Desk: Mentioning that young people are the future of Bangladesh, Prime Minister’s Information Technology Advisor and Center for Research and Information (CRI) Chairperson Sajib Wazed Joy said that with talent, hard work and self-confidence, they can take the country further.

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Sajib Wazed Joy said, ‘I believe, the youth will turn Bangladesh from a middle-income country into a developed country. It is possible within our lifetime.’

He said these things in the speech of the chief guest at the ‘Joy Bangla Youth Award’ presentation ceremony at the Sheikh Hasina Youth Development Institute in Savar on Saturday (November 12).

The ‘Joy Bangla Youth Award’ was given to the young organizers of the country under the initiative of Young Bangla, a subsidiary organization of the Center for Research and Information (CRI). 10 organizations and two individuals have received the award this time.

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Sajib Wazed Joy said, Medha believes that the people of Bengal can solve their own problems. You know that there are many crises in the world right now. War is going on, various problems are going on. Two years ago we faced a global pandemic. As soon as the coronavirus is gone, now there is war, terrorism. The price of everything is increasing, economic pressure is falling.’

He said, ‘Now many people are afraid, how will the country deal with this problem? I am saying this here because you (young entrepreneurs) are an example of solving this problem. See, problems never end. Awami League has been in power for 14 consecutive years. In between we saw problems with electricity. Load shedding. How can it be solved? Then came the economy. Also thinking about how to feed so many people. But these are being solved by our government.’

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The Prime Minister’s Information Technology Advisor said, ‘I feel happy when I see the youth in our country making robotic hubs. It’s really amazing. From Bangladesh you are sending representatives to the United Nations to claim for climate change. It’s great.’

Mentioning that young entrepreneurs are doing amazing work, Sajib Wazed Joy said, ‘You are amazing, our country is also an amazing country. We made this country free by fighting ourselves and with blood. We have been able to feed 16 crore people. We have turned the country of 16 crore people from poor to middle income country within 10-15 years.

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Mentioning that the youth are the future of the country, he said, ‘These young people, the award winners of Young Bengal, you are the future of the country. We will work hard ourselves. We will solve our own problems with our own talent. In fact, if you have self-confidence and patriotism, then it is possible to do everything for your country, to do everything for the people of your country. If I do not have the spirit of patriotism and independence, how can I seek the good of the country?’

The 6th Joy Bangla Youth Award ceremony started with the National Anthem at 3 pm. A documentary about the activities of Young Bengal was shown at the beginning.

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Minister of State for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources and Trustee of CRI Nasrul Hamid Bipu delivered the welcome speech on the occasion.

He said, six years have passed. Today the number of members of Young Bangla is about three and a half lakh. You have done a lot with your own efforts from far and wide. Thank you all for that.

Awarded 10 Organizations:

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BK School of Research, Boson Vigyan Sangh, Youth Planet, Uchhvas, Vigyanpriyo, Milon Smriti Pathaghar, Samasha Ishkul, Switch-Bangladesh Foundation, Bindu Women Development Organization, Robolife Technologies.

The two recipients of lifetime honors are Ahsan Habib and Yang Guang Mro.

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