#New Delhi: Our feet are under the most pressure during daily activities and running. So feet should be rested all the time. And what better shoe for foot comfort than sneakers?

From school-college-office to hiking in the mountains – the sneaker is a companion in all situations. While walking and running on bumpy roads gives comfort, it also keeps our feet good. As a result, the popularity of sneakers is increasing all over the world as well as in India. But the problem is, the sneaker gets very dirty due to daily use.

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But that problem has been made easy by home appliances brand Philips (Philips). They have introduced a new device in the market. Through which the sneaker can be cleaned easily.

In fact, we know very well that apart from clothes, our shoes should also be kept clean regularly. With that in mind, Philips has created a great sneaker cleaner.

The company’s first sneaker cleaner is called the GCA1000/60. Its price in India is around Rs. 2595. Of course, there will be a 2-year guarantee. This sneaker cleaner is available in an exclusive sale at Philips Domestic Appliances e-store www.domesticappliances.philips.co.in.

Philips’ GCA1000/60 sneaker cleaner spins at 500 RPM and has a waterproof rating of IPX5. The device has 4 X AA batteries powered by 6V (6V) with 80 minutes run time. And the weight of this device is not too much.

Just 0.35 kg and it is also cordless. As a result, the cleaner can be taken anywhere. This machine has automatic rubbing and scrubbing for cleaning sneakers. Not only that, the cleaner also has three different brushes.

how One of the three brushes is soft. This type of soft brush is ideal for cleaning mesh or canvas sneakers. And the second brush is hard or hard. It is understood that it is suitable for cleaning hard surfaces i.e. textured rubber or shoe soles.

There is a soft sponge as brush number three. It is made for very delicate material. And such materials include PVC, Leather and Suede.

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Also, most importantly, the head of this cleaner is water-resistant. As a result, the device will be safe from all sides.

According to the manufacturer, “The use and popularity of sneakers in India is steadily increasing. And keeping this type of shoes more durable, this sneaker cleaner has been made by Philips Domestic Appliances.

As a result, users can easily take care of the sneakers. And its price is very high. So now you don’t need to spend a lot of money on sneaker dry cleaning, nor do you need to wrap your shoes in paper for fear of dust and dirt.

With just the push of a button, this water-resistant device can make your sneakers absolutely spotless. And the shoes will be as good as new.”

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